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Join the environmental revolution. Check out these chemical-free and eco-friendly disposable towels today and start protecting your family's health.

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Pamper your clients and the environment with our chemical free, biodegradable, eco friendly disposable towels. Your salon or spa can save countless off your water bill without sacrificing clients' comfort. Your clients will be amazed at the quality of our towels. Our towels are bleach-free, dye-free, and made only from natural certified wood fibers. Contact us today, and let us show you that the future of premium towels can also mean a better future for our planet.

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Eco-friendly Disposable Towels

We uphold our main goal of providing ECO FRIENDLY towels that are bleach-free, dye-free and Highly absorbent, made only from natural certified wood fibers.

Advantages of DAVELEN disposable towels

Better for clients

✔️New towels for every client
✔️100% hygienic, no risk of cross infections
✔️No unpleasant odors and spots
✔️Premium quality salon towels

Better for employees

✔️Less time spent on laundry
✔️More time spent on clients, training, or breaks
✔️More clients: customers are now more than ever aware of the environmental impact of their purchasing habits

Better for business owners

✔️An excellent service to clients–each towel is new
✔️Less money spent on laundry, water and electricity
✔️Laundry equipment can use up valuable floor space, so by removing it you can have more workstations without spending any more on rent
✔️Employees spend more time on clients not cleaning
✔️You can market the green nature of your business using biodegradable towels
✔️Millions of people prefer to purchase products and services from a company with an environmental reputation

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Help us save our planet by making a pledge to stop using paper towels!
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Keep your clients coming back with these disposable towels!

Sick of towels that get dried out and don't look fresh? We provide you with eco-friendly, disposable towels for your salon and spa.


Protect yourself & your clients with our ready to use chemical free essentials. We offer wide range of Salon essentials for your staff & your clients. Check out our collection now.

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