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DAVELEN disposable towels are for you if you want to:

  • provide excellent service for clients
  • spend time on clients not cleaning
  • meet the highest level of hygienic standards
  • end the daily routine of laundering your regular towels
  • save money

Better for clients

  • New towels for every client
  • 100% hygienic, no risk of cross infections
  • No unpleasant odors and spots
  • Premium quality salon towels

Better for employees

  • Less time spent on laundry
  • More time spent on clients, training, or breaks
  • More clients: customers are now more than ever aware of the environmental impact of their purchasing habits

Better for business owners 

  • An excellent service to clients–each towel is new
  • Less money spent on laundry, water and electricity
  • Laundry equipment can use up valuable floor space, so by removing it you can have more workstations without spending any more on rent
  • Employees spend more time on clients not cleaning
  • You can market the green nature of your business using biodegradable towels
  • Millions of people prefer to purchase products and services from a company with an environmental reputation