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Disposable Towels Offer Salons An Eco-Friendly Alternative

In the midst of a global disaster, salon towels offer a safe alternative to traditional reusable towels


With global lockdowns and business shutdowns looming, many salons are struggling to find a safe and efficient way of serving customers. The fear of catching or spreading covid-19 is enough to completely shut down businesses for good. Disposable towels offer salons an eco-friendly alternative to closing your doors.


Protect Patrons As Well As Staff

When it comes to the safety of your clientele and staff, why take chances? Disposable towels offer salons a great way to limit the contact between each patron. When combining disposable towels with other sanitary protocols, you can virtually reduce the risk of spreading germs and viruses down to zero.


100% Eco-Friendly Means Zero Waste

The last thing you want is a landfill covered with thousands of salon towels. Eco-Friendly means DAVELEN disposable towels will naturally biodegrade to leave zero waste behind. With no pesticides or toxic petrochemicals, DAVELEN disposable towels offer you peace of mind that we care about the environment as much as your safety.


Super Absorbent Disposable Towels Offer Enhanced Convenience

The super absorbent & soft nature of our disposable towels means they compete with the plush reusable towels you are used to. That means you get the same smooth, super absorbable nature without the hassle of doing laundry. Forget about loads of dirty towels that need to be washed. Welcome to the era of eco-friendly salon towels


Never again put the health and safety of your salon clients and staff at risk again. Get your disposable towels today.

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