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80 SUPERIOR Multipurpose Disposable Towels

80 SUPERIOR Multipurpose Disposable Towels


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Experience the pinnacle of cleanliness with our 80-pack SUPERIOR Multipurpose Disposable Towels. Crafted in pristine white, these towels are not only aesthetically pleasing but also boast a high absorbency rate, making them perfect for a myriad of uses. Whether you're running a spa, a gym, or simply need them for household chores, our towels promise optimum performance. Eco-friendly and gentle on the skin, they're an essential addition to any space. Elevate your hygiene standards and ensure a luxurious experience for your guests or yourself. Buy now and witness the superior quality that sets our towels apart from the rest. #CleanWithSuperior

The towels are totally BLEACH-FREE, DYE-FREE and ECO-FRIENDLY, made from only natural wood fibers.

  • Highly Absorbent 
  • Hygienic
  • Germ Free
  • Biodegradable

DAVELEN disposable towels can help to save time and money and are better for the environment.

Towel size: 27.6" x 15.7" (70cm x 40cm)

80 Towels per Pack