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The Benefits of Using Disposable Towels Against Covid-19

How Does Covid-19 Spread?

Most of us are aware that Covid-19 can be passed from person to person. Covid-19 is primarily spread through droplets that comes from the mouth or nose. Coughing and sneezing are more obvious ways to share the disease. However, speaking also has the chance to release water droplets. Infected individuals may not be obviously infected. Someone who is infected may not experience any sort of symptoms either. Infected individuals may also infect different surfaces. The next person to touch these surfaces may carry the Covid-19 germs with them and possibly get infected as well. It's important to know proper prevention methods in order to protect yourself and others.

Proper Hand Washing Techniques Against Covid-19

Individuals can follow certain steps to prevent the spread of Covid-19. Using disposable towels in conjunction with proper hand washing techniques can limit the spread.  According to the CDC, you can use water at any temperature to wash your hands. You should always lather your hands with soap. Most people also skip cleaning underneath their fingernails, but the finger nails can hold dirt and germs too. The CDC recommends that you try and get every nook and cranny of your hands where germs like to hide. You should scrub your hands for at least 20 seconds to be safe.

Next, you should rinse your hands using clean running water. Do not just dip your hands into a water basin. The germs run off your hands when you are washing your hands and can pool into any water surfaces. Putting your hands into the water basin after hand washing allows germs to regain access to your hands. This is due to the way that germs spread better in water.

Methods of Drying and Covid-19

Air Dryers

Air dryers have been shown to remove some traces of covid-19 from our hands. But where do those germs go? The answer is everywhere! When you use an electric hand dryer, you are actually just blowing the germs everywhere. With the type of hand dryer where you insert your hands into the sleeve, you are actually just blowing the liquid downwards. This liquid can be teaming with germs. After several people use the hand dryer, the germs can multiple. Someone also has to clean these liquid pools making hygiene safety concerns valid among employees. Covid-19 can spread easier through water.

Regular Towels

Regular towels can keep moisture from previous usages, which allows germs to spread easier. Not to mention that they are used over and over again by different people. In theory, you could give everyone their own towel to reuse. This would keep cross-contamination low. In addition, towels are also a better way to dry your hands compared to hand dryers. However, drying your hands with the same towel over and over is also risky. You may be removing germs only to return them to your hands.  This is especially likely if the towels are wet because germs spread easier on wet hands. This rule is the same for towels that are re-used after hair washing or showers. Germs will spread easier.

If the towels aren't reused often, that means that they are either sitting in storage or that they get washed more often. Washing your regular towels often may be a great hygienic practice but it can cause your water bills to go up.

Disposable Towels

Disposable towels are the go-to method for limiting the spread of germs. These towels aren't reused by others, which makes them hygienic. Disposable towels also limit the spread of germs. These reasons make it ideal that businesses use disposable towels. This business practice can benefit employees, customers, and businesses alike. It can also make your business seem safer to consumers.

What Types of Disposable Towels Are Out There?

Household Disposable Paper Towels

You are probably familiar with regular household paper towels. They have become a necessity for homes everywhere. They come in a number of different brands and they are easily found at many stores. These towels can be super absorbent and easily thrown away.

Commercial Disposable Paper Towels

There are also commercial paper towels that can be easily disposed of as well. Some businesses still use regular disposable towels but many businesses are switching to electronic hand dryers. These hand dryers are the new upgraded version of regular paper towels, but they aren't best for hygiene.

Salon-Quality Disposable Towels

Most disposable towels that we normally think of are thin and made of paper-like materials. You may be looking for a great alternative to normal fluffy towels found in bathrooms, gyms, and salons. Davelen sells salon quality disposable towels that work just like regular salon quality towels. They are super absorbent as a normal towel would be. In addition, the disposable towels are also biodegradable which means that they are safer for the environment. They also limit the spread of disease from person to person.

In What Situations Are Disposable Salon Quality Towels Useful?

Home owners may enjoy using disposable salon quality towels in their daily lives. They are comfy, hygienic, and environmentally friendly. For these exact reasons, business owners profit the most from these disposable towels. Salons, gyms, spas, hotels, and even shelters can all benefit from the use of disposable salon quality towels.

The Benefits of Using Salon Quality Disposable Towels for Businesses

Benefits to Customers

Customers will love that you use disposable towels because it limits their chances of contracting germs from re-using towels. Using salon quality towels also allows customers to enjoy feeling safer while keeping their normal standards of comfort. Using these towels also prevents re-using towels with stains that may make your customers uncomfortable. Regular towels can also start to smell when they get damp. Using disposable salon quality towels allows your business to maintain higher business standards.

Benefits to Businesses

Businesses will also love disposable towels because they allow businesses to save and profit in the long run. Using disposable towels limits the chances that customers will get sick. Taking proper safety precautions means that customers will be more willing to return to your establishment. Using salon-quality bio-degradable disposable towels can also allow businesses to maintain their status as an environmentally friendly business.

In addition to attracting customers, disposable towels are also wonderful for helping businesses save on water. Salons in particular could really use disposable towels instead of normal re-usable towels. Using disposable towels allows salons to cut back on water costs because salons have to do laundry often. If your business isn't having to wash towels, your business does not have to waste the water for laundry.

Benefits to Employees

If your business is practicing safe hygiene practices, it is more likely that customers will keep on coming. This is especially important during this Covid-19 pandemic. Due to this influx of customers, employees will find that they can work more often to earn a paycheck. When applicable, employees can also spend more time with customers instead of washing laundry. This is especially an amazing asset to salons where hair stylists can be tipped for their hair services. The employees won't be tipped if they are just doing laundry. They may still make an hourly wage but the extra money that they could be earning is slowly slipping away.