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What is DAVELEN Towel?

The DAVELEN disposable towel is a next generation, highly-absorbent, non-woven towel that uses the latest technological innovations in textile design to make it disposable yet premium.  Its disposable nature makes it more hygienic than any reusable towel. Made only from natural certified wood fibers and without the use of harmful chemicals, it’s more eco-friendly than any other solution on the market.

DAVELEN disposable towels are made from certified renewable sources of wood fiber- usually bamboo. The towels are easily decomposed by naturally occurring microorganisms into CO2 and water and leave no trace on the environment.

Replacing cotton towels with our towels means no laundry, fewer chemicals contaminating the environment, and no excess water usage – a smart choice for business seeking sustainability and easy way to become eco-friendly.

What is Davelen towels